SIFestival // August 2nd to 7th 2016
Film – music – photography

Many thanks to all of you especially to all our partners, sponsors and private donators. It has been a bliss to meet and work with you.

The festival took place over a period of 6 days, starting with the opening of the photo exhibition presented at Veranda café in Apollonía on Tuesday August 2nd.

Followed by three days of projections on Thursday August 4th till Saturday August 5th, included a selection of animation films (young audience friendly) followed by an international selection of short films and night screenings of full-length documentary films.

On the six and final day of the festival, Sunday August 7th, in the cultural centre of Sifnos, Julian Gargiulo, an Italian-American renowned piano player, gave a memorable concert. A special thanks to our best fan Mathilde and her parents.

During the whole week, a photo exhibition was organised at Veranda Café, in Apollonía, by the French photographer François Fourrier. A reading took place at Veranda Café from our very own Valia Dimitrakopoulou, journalist and writer. 

Have a look on the movie selection of 2016. 

THURSDAY - 04/08/2016 - 21H TO 1H


1. Oktapodi

France/ 2007/ 2min27/Animation

Directors: Julien Bocabeille, François Xavier Chanioux, Olivier Delabarre, Thierry Marchand, Quentin Marmier, Emud Mokhberi      

Synopsis: Two octopuses help each other in their comical escape from the grasps of a stubborn restaurant cook. However, even after overcoming insurmountable odds to reunite, their fight to stay together is not over

2. A certain look

France / 2014 / 3min42/ Animation

Directors: Simon MASSE, Semiramis MAMATA,  Anne COURTIN,Rayane RAJI

Synopsis: The stroll of three freaks in a fantastic and surreal world.

3. Floating in my mind

France / 2013 / 3min10 / Animation Humor

Film director / Script writer : Hélène Leroux

Music: Mathieu Alvado

Synopsis: A film about our life, the people we meet, the memories we make

4. Fol’Amor

France/2013/ 2min26/Animation

Film director / Script writer : Augustin Clermont, Gilles Cortella, Marthe Delaporte, Clement DeRuyter, Maïlys Garcia, Gaspard Sumeire, Pierre Rütz

Voices : Vincent Demoury, Marie-AlineRoule

Synopsis: A highborn lady and a young knight are frolicking in the forest when they come across Excalibur, which leads them to a silly game of seduction.

5. Wildfire


Directors/Script Writers/Animation/Set: Hugues OPTER, Pierre PINON, Nicole STAFFORD, Valentin STOLL, Arnaud TRIBOUT,Shang ZHANG

Synopsis: Ena, a passionate firefighter and wife, is very involved with her profession. Her fascination with fire reveals itself as it impacts her family life.



1. Habiba

France/ 2012/3min52/Fiction

Director: Ingrid Lanzenberg

Synopsis: Two brothers, one sister, a letter from a recently deceased mother. Will they forgive her and move on?

2. Un avenir radieux / A bright future

France/2014/ 26 min/ Fiction

Director: Xavier Delagnes

Synopsis: In France, the famous Goncourt literary-award writer named Eugène Barruzzi is very popular. Another writer, Eugène Bazzurri, is not so well-known and the similarity in their names has spoiled his life. But immigrating might be the solution: that is what a certain François Mitterrand offers him.

3. Suspension of Disbelief

Belgium/ 2013/ 14min07/Fiction

Director: Sarah and Charles

Synopsis: The term suspension of disbelief or willing suspension of disbelief has been defined as a willingness to suspend one's critical faculties and believe the unbelievable; sacrifice of realism and logic for the sake of enjoyment.

4. N me for myself * (+ 12 years)

Grec/ 2009/19min18/ Fiction

Director: Tzortzis Grigorakis

Synopsis: Antonis goes by train. He is in a rush to make it on time. His recent past keeps catching up on him. Reality does not allow him to escape the images. He couldn’t give a shit about anything. He needs to pee. Dependant on his girlfriend just as much as he’s on himself. He doesn’t owe anything to anybody.

5. Balloon Birds

Switzerland/ 2014/1min/Animation

Director: Marjolaine Perreten

Production: Nadasdy Film, Marjolaine Perreten

Synopsis: Two Balloon Birds meet each other, when suddenly another comes...

6. Chelsea - Barcelona

Greece/2012/ 17min30/Fiction drama-humor

Director: Alexandros Chantzis

Synopsis: A bank teller, is up to his neck with debt, and is looking to borrow money from friends, while waiting for the big match Chelsea-Barcelona to start.

7. The Lion

England/ 2013/ 3min20/ Animation

Director and producer : Peter Baynton

Music: Benjamin Scheuer / Escapist Papers

Synopsis: An animated music video for the New York musician Benjamin Scheuer and his band “Escapist Papers”. It just won the Special Jury Award for Commissioned Films at the Annecy Animation Festival.

8. A single body * (+ 12 years)

France & Greece/ 2014/19min44/Fiction-Drama

Director: Sotiris Dounoukos

Synopsis: Best friends and skilled abattoir workers David and Wani are saving to open their own butchery, but before they can realise their dream the arrival of a new worker and new reality will test the bonds of their shared life.




Greece & France /2016/ 1h22min/ Documentary

Director: Sandrine Dumas

Synopsis: From the Greek communities of Constantinople and Alexandria in the early 20thcentury, to the front lines of WW1 and the changing face of Athens in the 1940ʼs and 50ʼs, director Sandrine Dumas goes back in time to retrace the footsteps of Greek painter Thaleia Flora-Karavia. Through the life and work of this distant relative, she discovers a long-lost world of cosmopolitan diversity and her own family roots.


FRIDAY - 05/08/2016 - 21H TO 1H


1. Stewpot Rhapsody

France/2012/3min/Animation – Humor

Film director/Script/Animation: Charlotte CAMBON DE LA VALETTE, Stéphanie MERCIER, Soizic MOUTON, Marion ROUSSEL

Synopsis: Three generations of one family living together under one roof in a detuned choreography. The mother, conductor of the family, tries, in vain, to bring them all together for diner.

2. In Between

France/ 2012/ 3min05/Animation

Directors: Emilie ALMAIDA, Liang HUANG, Mansoureh KAMARI, Julie ROBERT, Juliette PEUPORTIER, Tony UNSER

Synopsis: A young woman is being followed by a crocodile who represents her shyness. As he makes her life a living hell, she tries by every means to get rid of him.

3. Ama


Directors: Emilie ALMAIDA, Liang HUANG, Mansoureh KAMARI, Julie ROBERT, Juliette PEUPORTIER, Tony UNSER

Synopsis: 1950: On the coast of Japan, an American woman is visiting a village with her military husband and a group of friends. Breaking away from the group, she meets with Namiko, a young ama fisherwoman.

4. Pandore


Directors: Marion Stinghe,Meryl Franck, Benoît Guillaumot

Nicolas Caffarel, Elen Le tannou

Synopsis: On the clouds of the mythic Mount Olympus, a young girl unleashes a dangerous monster from a mysterious box.

5. Duo


Directors: Janis AUSSEL, Elsa BOYER, Marie-Pierre DEMESSANT, Dorian LEE, Laurent MOING, Guitty MOJABI, Aron BOTHMAN

Synopsis: A duo of acrobats go onstage one last time, united under the spotlights even as their harmony backstage is broken.



1.     C’est du caviar


Director: Sarah Lelouch

Synopsis: Charlie had been in a relationship with Leo for the past 5 years. After the confession of her best friend Camille and Leo’s affair, her life changes dramatically. In view of this betrayal she prepares the most unexpected revenge - a film inspired by a true story.

2. French Kiss

France/2013/2min/Fiction- Comedy

Director: Céline Groussard

Synopsis: A man and a woman meet accidentally and speak unexpectedly about sex in a foreign language.

3. J’aurais pas dû mettre mes Clarks

France/ 2014/15min/Fiction-Comedy

Director: Marie Caldera

Synopsis: Eric has everything one would need to be happy: a wife, three children, an apartment and work. But one day, his thirst for recognition will lead to an implosion.

4. Dogsitting

France/ 2011/ 8min/ Fiction Comedy-Drama

Director: Sara Verhagen

Synopsis: A young English student in Paris takes care of dogs to make extra money and finds that man's best friend can be an unexpected burden.

5. Le grand bain


Director: Cecile Davidovici

Synopsis: Mathys, 9 years old, doesn't know how to swim.

6. Les murmures


Director: Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix

Synopsis: A teenager talks freely, reinventing herself along the way, looking at her life without any taboo. While on the other side of the door, her parents are extremely worried. They can only, indeed, imagine everything their daughter hides from them.

7. Nor

Belgium/ 2013/ 10min27/ Fiction

Director: Meryem Benm'Barek-Aloïsi

Synopsis: Slimane and Emilia decide to go on a trip for a few days. This trip wil reveal all of the complexity of this couple who love each other, but who’s also fragile by Slimane’s inability to take a decision and the growing impatience of Emilia.

8. I’m your man* (-10 years)


Director: Keren Ben Rafael

Synopsis: Bruno finally decides to settle down with his new girlfriend, Camille. But the day of the move, Mia, his ex, arrives at his place. And Bruno sleeps with her. Only, as he wants to withdraw, impossible to separate both bodies. Then begins a desperate attempt to get free before Camille arrives.

* Attention this movie contains nudity scenes




Italy / 2015/1h13/Documentary

Direction/Script : Nicola Moruzzi , Production : Leonardo Baraldi

Synopsis: On October 15, 1915, in the mountains of Western Canada, a tragic work accident snuffed out the life of 28 year-old Angelo Conte, a young immigrant from Veneto. In the thirty months spent far away from his wife Anna, Angelo never stopped writing. One hundred years later, Angelo’s love letters have re-emerged from a drawer, giving rise to a new adventure. Nicola Moruzzi, director of this documentary and great-grandson of Angelo, leaves for Canada with his partner Irene, searching for traces of his departed great-grandfather’s story.



-     2016 Nominated at David di Donatello Award (Italian Film Academy) as Best Documentary

-     2016 Nominated at Doc/It Professional Award (Italian Documentarists Association) as Best Documentary

-     2015 Won the Unicredit Pavilion Award as Best Documentary at Visioni dal Mondo International Documentary Festival (Milan, Italy)


SATURDAY - 06/08/2016 - 21H TO 1H


1. Made in China


Director: Vincent TSUI

Synopsis: Figurines try to imitate the human everyday life but they are facing limitations due to their toy situation.

2. One day


Directors: Joël CORCIA, Bung NGUYEN, Thomas RETEUNA, Laurent ROSSI, Bernard SOM

Synopsis: One man always on the move will have an encounter that puts into question everything he knows.

3. Le dernier jour d’un condamné

France / 2015 / 2min 15 / Animation

Animation: Sarah DHORNE / Emilie PHUONG / Isabelle PIOLAT

Script: Perrine BAYSSAT,  Sarah DHORNE, Etienne MOLINIER, Emilie PHUONG , Isabelle PIOLAT

Synopsis: Camille is a young high school girl who is studying for her exams. Bored by her work, Camille has a look into the fridge and finds a live lobster. As her affection grows, the teenage girl decides to make the lobster live the best hours of its life.

4. Oktapodi

France/ 2007/ 2min27/Animation

Directors: Julien Bocabeille, François Xavier Chanioux, Olivier Delabarre, Thierry Marchand, Quentin Marmier, Emud Mokhberi      

Synopsis: Two octopuses help each other in their comical escape from the grasps of a stubborn restaurant cook. However, even after overcoming insurmountable odds to reunite, their fight to stay together is not over



1. Infinite lust


Director: Emanuele Kabu

Synopsis: Infinite Lust' encompasses all the intimate sweetness, lust and pain experienced by Emanuele over the last 15 years.

2. Une petite blonde

France / 2013 / 15min30/Fiction

Director: Émilie Aussel

Synopsis: Marseille, the summer. A group of teenagers stemming from popular districts, spend their afternoons on a concrete platform near the ledge. They parade, speak loudly, bathe and jump rocks, the highest possible. Here they are kings. On a beach, not far from them, Angélique observes them. One day, she decides to meet the group.

3. Citizen Day

France & Greece / 2016/ 21min25/Fiction -Comedy

Director: Basile Doganis

Synopsis: A crew of teenagers from a Parisian suburb attend their Citizen Day at the military base in Versailles, but one of them, Chris, is turned away for arriving too late. Chris wants to go straight back home, but Momo, the hood’s "loser", convinces him to spend the day at the Château de Versailles.

4. Nadia and Cassandane (+12 years)


Director: Marie-Helene Carleton

Synopsis: A short documentary starring a young woman and her daughter who flee Afghanistan and arrive by boat on island of Lesvos.

5. Zebra

Germany/ 2013/ 2min45/Animation

Director: Julia Ocker

Synopsis: One day the zebra runs against a tree and learns something.

6. Operation Mission Zeus


Director: Dimitris Zahos

Synopsis:  Once again in world history, Athens is the center of global economic interest. New, newest austerity measures. Negotiations. Zeus, god of hospitality, is dying in Plaka ...

7. Jamais ensemble


Director: Nadja Harek

Synopsis: Leila and Samira are sisters, living in a working class district in Monthpellier. Their older brother, Malik, has the right to go out at night, but not them. This night however, they decide to ignore the parental prohibition and do the impossible

8. Joanna

Greece/ 2015/ 9min16/ Fiction

Director: Panayotis Fafoutis

Synopsis: Joanna goes by the pier everyday looking for love that she believes will come for her one day

9. The Age of Rust


Directors: Alessandro Mattei & Francesco Aber

Synopsis: In the beautiful environment of the Alps, an extraordinary documentary about the incredible "Petramosaurus Cavator." Through  fiercest fighting and the miracle of birth, we will know the incredible life cycle of this beautiful species, and in particular its relationship with the man and our planet.

10. Panorama


Director: Gianluca Abbate

Synopsis: Panorama is the first chapter of a trilogy on the city. The video is a review on a polis that stretches away over an infinite global space with no more uninhabited places nor frontiers where we can take refuge. In this landscape we cannot see any way of readmission for those who have once been excluded, and this recalls imaginary worlds in search of a balance.





Director: Charbel Raad

Synopsis: To be gay in Beirut, one of the most open-minded capitals in the Middle East, which is sinking in the era of repressions, is not as easy as it looks. This documentary tells an exceptional and an uncommon story of two lives.

Kate is a queer and pleasant danger


Director: Sam Feder

Synopsis: Performance artist and writer Kate Bornstein explodes binaries while deconstructing gender—and her own identity. Trans-dyke. Reluctant polyamorist. Sadomasochist. Recovering Scientologist. Pioneering gender outlaw. Sam Feder’s playful and meditative portrait on Bornstein, captures rollicking public performances and painful personal revelations as it bears witness to Kate as a trailblazing artist-theorist-activist who inhabits a space between male and female with wit, style and astonishing candor.


** BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY – Trans|Lations Film Festival, Seattle WA 2014

* JURY’S SPECIAL COMMENDATION – GAZE Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland 2014

** FAVORITE FILM -Beacon Independent Film Festival, Beacon, NY 2014

* 1 OF TOP 10 BEST DOCS OF 2014 -The Advocate 2014


* BEST FEATURE  LENGTH FILM -TranScreen Film Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2015

** BEST FEATURE  LENGTH FILM -Identities Queer Film Festival,Vienna, Austria 2015