SIFestival is an initiative of SIF productions, a non profit organisation created in 2015 by Valia Dimitrakopoulou, Katrin Mathe and Marika Bekier. 

The purpose is to encourage the artistic creation and cultural exchange by giving space to intercultural dialogue. This takes place through the conception of artistic events, festival, concert and all kind of occasions for dynamic cultural interaction. 

We are organising a multidisciplinary arts festival in the island of Sifnos, Greece, a holiday destination for tourists from all around the world. Why? Because it has preserved its authenticity. Because the people welcome tourists with an open heart and a smile on their faces. And what we aim to achieve is to bring these two completely different universes together, for one week of free projections (short films, documentaries), exhibitions, concerts and dj-sets.

The project

This project aims to unite different cultures under one umbrella. We strongly believe that the way to make one universe meet the other is through art. This festival is not only for the tourists, who need and seek something entertaining for their holidays, but also one of the few international artistic projects that include the residents of Sifnos. With free projections (with both Greek and English subtitles), free exhibitions and a piano concert, we will show the somewhat isolated Sifnian people that art is accessible for all, and it can touch everyone, young or old, worldly or not.


Our work addresses the need for cultural events in small Islands, far away from the metropolis. Greece has been suffering these past many years from a terrible crisis that has affected the whole population. This is true for every aspect of life and foremost for culture. In a time when most cultural events fall through because of lack of money, orchestration and financial support from the state, we aim to bring a powerful message to the people of Sifnos and the foreign and Greek tourists that stay on the islands in the summertime:

Art, in whichever form, is accessible for all.

The Sifestival team believes that we can still find ways of entertainment and we can still discover new cultures and bring people together. We know that this need exists because last year, in our first and experimental edition, where we organized two nights of free screening, more that 100 people came and loved the experience. And there were people from all over the world, but also Sifnians, craving to experience art.


What we hope to achieve for this year is to be able to carry out the project in its length, and show the people of Sifnos as well as the tourists that independent artists projects can prosper even in these difficult times. We are very happy to be able to provide a cultural outlet to the people of Sifnos.

Sifestival aims to become a dynamic artistic platform around an annual event gathering artists from all over the world.