SIFestival was born out of a common passion for culture, the genuine interest in the arts and the constant desire to create and share.
— Valia, Katrin and Marika

Edition 1 - in 2015

The first edition took place last summer on the 28th and 29th of August in the island of Sifnos, in the Cyclades, in Greece. The first edition was more of an experiment to get a grip on the project. It was a wonderful experience, a lot of tourists and locals were gathered around two nights of projections of short films from all over the world. Having seen the possibilities, this year we are organizing something even bigger, that will include different artistic disciplines, such as photography, literature, full length films and documentaries, a piano concert, a pop concert, and of course short films like in 2015. 
The island is a place of inspiration and a perfect platform for exchange. 
Sifestival favours artistic and cultural initiatives. 

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For its first edition, SIFestival invited two international short film festivals: LAGO FILM FEST from Italy and EUPHORIA BOREALIS FESTIVAL from Finland. Both guests presented a wide range of international short movies form all over the world (Spain, Mexico, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Hungary, New Zealand and many more). The audience was a lovely group of families, residents, tourists and professionals from the movie industry.


Carte Blanche Euphoria

1. Syntymäpäivä (Birthday),

Director. Hanneriina Moisseinen, 2014, animation, 02’56

It’s summer 1944 and Karjala is about to be evacuated. When the command to leave comes, one of the cows starts giving birth.


2. Devotion

Director : Carlos Marroquin, 2014, drama, 4’20

Who is the one judging, and who is being judged? Love has many layers.


3. Clit Flick

Director : Saara Lahnajärvi, 2015, comedy, 5’46

Practical advice is worth listening.


4. Vostok Zero,

Director/Liis Mehine, Velda Parkkinen, Perttu Inkilä, 2014, experimental/animation/documentary, 05’23

In May 1961 amateur radio operators record the voice of an unknown female cosmonaut. According to Soviet officials this never happened. If it did, she was the first woman in space. 


5. Juhlat

Director : Milla Piiroinen, 2015, drama, 03’05

Sometimes learning a new thing about a person is not easy.


6. Viljo

Director : Tuuli Mattila & Pilvi Kuusrainen, 2015, comedy, 02’41

Everyone needs something to care for.


7. Strip off

Director : Marina Moshkova, 2015, animation, 00’49

On going swimming.


8. Kiitti äiti (Thanks mom),

Director : Andreas Mayer, 2015, draama/komedia, 3’52

It sucks having birthday in the summer when all friends are out of town.


9. Kehä

Director : Jerker Beckman, 2015, kokeellinen/trilleri, 07’55

A car crash triggers a chain of events.


10. Last call

Director : Riitta Ryhtä, 2015, comedy, 07’26

A dramatic, desperate and hilarious aftermath of a break-up.


11. Tomato Spagettis with Vodka,

Director : Karim Ait-Gacem, 2013, comedy, 08’15

In this cooking program, tomato sauce and spaghetti get a real good spice-up.


Carte Blanche Lago Film Fest


AUSTRIA / 2014 / 4' / FICTION

Director: Daniel Moshel / Screenplay: Daniel Moshel / Editing: Christian Veith / Photography: Martin Bauer / Cast: August Schram, Elfie Wunsch, Albert Mair /

Synopsis: MeTube is a homage to thousands of ambitious YouTube users and video bloggers, gifted and less gifted self-promoters on the Internet. 



MEXICO / 2014 / 14' 43'' / FICTION

Director: Moisés Aisemberg / Screenplay: Moisés Aisemberg / Editing: Jorge Alduncin / Photography: Felipe Pérez-Buchard / Cast: Tessa Ia, Harold Torres /

Synopsis: A human piñata manages to escape her impending doom from a little girl’s birthday party. Wounded and abandoned, she manages to find the love that she always longed for when a garbage collector takes pity and rescues her. However, as their relationship becomes more intimate, the piñata realizes that what she really wants might be precisely what she’s running from.



SPAIN / 2014 / 10' 46'' / FICTION

Director: Borja Cobeaga / Screenplay: Alberto Gonzalez Vazquez / Editing: Borja Cobeaga / Photography: Jon D. Dominguez / Cast: Oscar Ladoire, Luis Bermejo, Alejandro Tejeria /

Synopsis: The manager of a company proposes a daring plan for keeping the workers’ morale high.




Director: Peter Millard / Editing: Peter Millard / Music: Peter Millard & Mike Wyeld

Synopsis: Lemon cranberry apple banana cucumber orange lime are a selection of fruit fruit.


5. KILLER?  

NEW ZEALAND / 2015 / 9' 28'' / FICTION

Director: David White / Screenplay: David White / Editing: David White / Photography: David White / Cast: David White /

Synopsis: Looking for work. Capable. Handy. Woodwork. Baby sitting. No job too big or small. Has references. Ph. 021 324 626.



SWEDEN / 2014 / 12' 42'' / FICTION

Director: Carl-Johan Westregård / Screenplay: Carl-Johan Westregård / Editing: Carl-Johan Westregård / Photography: Carl-Johan Westregård / 

Synopsis: The image pans slowly around a coastal moor, a neighborhood of silent villas and empty streets, a forest path in fading summer light. There are no witnesses to tell the stories of how it all ended. 



HUNGARY / 2014 / 10' / ANIMATION

Director: Réka Bucsi / Screenplay: Réka Bucsi / Editing: Réka Bucsi, Judit Czakó / Music: Flóra Matisz

Synopsis: The film applies an unconventional narrative. It presents a subjective world through 47 scenes. Small events, interlaced by associations, express the irrational coherence of our surroundings. The surreal situations are based on the interactions of humans and nature.



NETHERLANDS / 2014 / 12' 6'' / FICTION

Director: Douwe Dijkstra / Screenplay: Douwe Dijkstra / Editing: Douwe Dijkstra / Photography: Douwe Dijkstra / Cast: Douwe Dijkstra, Jesse Strikwerda /

Synopsis: War is waged on the kitchen table while a man drinks coffee. The world’s on fire. Helicopters shred his newspaper, a drone fires at a plate of broccoli.